Cryptocurrency Update: Week of June 27, 2021

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Guernsey: INSOL Europe Insights: Cryptoassets And Insolvency

… has resulted in the apparent lean internationally towards the treatment of cryptocurrency as a form of property. That said, it has also been …… it may be enough for the purposes of insolvency law that cryptocurrency has value, irrespective of its proprietary status. Cryptoassets and insolvency practical …… citizen Ilya Tsarkov to provide information about the balance of his cryptocurrency holdings while the Court decided whether they should be included in …… that creditors could not be deprived of the value of the cryptocurrency unless that value were expressly excluded by law.) Valuation and realisation …… rather than more traditional issues such as over-leveraging). Often holders of crypto currencies will be keen to demonstrate that they have proprietary rights over …… are identified, practitioners are recommended to immediately take control of the cryptocurrency by transferring it to a devoted cold wallet. But whether the …… of the more famous crypto-related insolvency case law. What is a cryptocurrency ? While cryptoassets, and in particular Bitcoin, are becoming increasingly household …


I am seeing weekly patent application filings.  These applications are all business methods and will sustain 101 rejections.  If you are thinking of filing a patent application your focus needs to be on a system that will reduce energy consumption in mining.  Direct your thinking to transformation at the mechanical level to improve mining efficiency.


… transferring digital currency, and for exchanging digital currencies with traditional currencies; Cryptocurrency hardware wallets for digital currency tokens and electronic wallet hardware for …… (ATM); Downloadable software for controlling self-service terminals; Downloadable software for facilitating crypto currency transactions and locating ATMs; Downloadable software in the nature of a …

Goverance, Risk & Compliance Monitor Worldwide

… then monitored by a network of computers across the world. The cryptocurrency has proved popular with criminals to buy drugs and guns as …… traded anonymously and is unregulated. In recent years, police seizures of cryptocurrency have been growing. Surrey Police were the first force in 2019 …… investigating a tip-off about criminal assets uncovered an astonishing sum of cryptocurrency being laundered in the UK. … money laundering offences have arrested a woman following the seizure of crypto-currency worth £114 million – the largest cryptocurrency seizure in the UK and believed to be one of the …… The bumper profits of a criminal …… detectives from the Economic Crime Command represent one of the largest cryptocurrency seizures in the world.