Cryptocurrency Update: Week of June 21, 2021

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I found this opinion insightful for the novice:

The Gold Coast Bulletin , NEWS

… right now. Anyone can go to a website and buy some cryptocurrency and use them for payment with other people or -companies that accept cryptocurrency. If you owe me $100 but I don’t believe in crypto-currency, you can’t pay me in cryptocurrency . But if you go online and you want to buy …… price of crypto. In a sense, if you do invest in cryptocurrency you should be aware of the risks. The third thing I …… because there are very different reasons why you want to buy cryptocurrency , make sure you’re buying it knowing what the purpose of …… not easy at all because it is said the creation of cryptocurrency is based on extremely difficult algorithms, so in order to be …… you to solve very high-level mathematical problems. Not everyone can mine cryptocurrency but almost everyone can buy cryptocurrency through the website. My advice for someone who is thinking about mining for cryptocurrency is to think about it twice because it is an extremely …… I find the process of mining cryptocurrency bad for the environment.

States News Service ,

… month after Beijing announced a crackdown on Bitcoin mining; whilst another crypto currency , Dogecoin, has also been extensively traded, with huge, widely reported …… issue. For example, the Ethereum Foundation, the organization behind the Ethereum cryptocurrency , is working on a new way to verify transactions.. platform (CarbonX) that turns reductions in greenhouse gas emissions into a cryptocurrency that can be bought and sold, providing manufacturers and consumers with by 2030.

Global Round Up – ADRs and Depository Receipts

… extensions-which it has collectively dubbed Droidclub-being used to inject ads and crypto-currency mining tools into websites that the victims visited. Source: Company Website …… indicates a rather active campaign of using infected devices to mine cryptocurrency . HiddenMiner uses the device’s CPU power to mine Monero.

The Economic Times , MARKET-EXPERT-VIEW

… The cryptocurrency craze: Should you invest? The Indian government does not recognise cryptocurrencies. …… investment class. Understanding it is very important. The skill set of crypto currencies is very limited in India… ; Vol. 1 ; No. 1

… They’re asking for the ability to buy, sell and hold cryptocurrency through a trading platform. Some are also asking to be able …… in Jacksonville, Florida, is also seeing “a lot of interest,” in cryptocurrency from its bank clients, according to Rob Lee, head of global …… core banking and channels. They’re asking “to be more educated around crypto currency and what services are offered to their clients today by other …… vendors have responded In May,FIS announced a partnership with New York cryptocurrency services company NYDIGthat will let FIS’s core banking clients offer their …… it’s a question of how and how fast” banks will provide cryptocurrency services. The core banking software vendors are all talking to or …… or working with partners to let banks connect to or white-label cryptocurrency wallet software, either to let consumers buy, sell and hold bitcoin, or to let them simply see their cryptocurrency holdings alongside their regular bank accounts.

Indian Technology news

… June 14 — Viewed by several Indians, the idea of cryptocurrency is understandably sceptical. What kind of currency can there be which …… however, and it is precious enough to shake financial markets. The cryptocurrency pioneer, Bitcoin, traded in only $8 in 2010, rose to $65,000 …… issue for both regulators and investors. By creating the most popular Crypto-currency , Bitcoin in 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto reacted to the lack of …… institution. Governments at first could not react, but the advent of crypto-currency is, in line with the growth of the internet, one of …… and since 2019, the Government released a draught bill outlawing all cryptocurrency activities. Do cryptocurrencies need regulation? Short answer- yes. Regulation is necessary to prevent …… of the same is questioned by many experts as centralizing a crypto-currency can have multiple wider problems like decoupling the crypto-currency from the blockchain itself. So what should we do to improve the …… This is why India needs to regulate crypto currencies, the right way New Delhi, 2021-06-14 12:37:57

News Bites US Markets

… the Beyond Block Pay digital wallet and the launch of its crypto currency exchange Beyond Blockchain is intended to enable customers to trade cryptocurrencies …… so that all the features of the digital wallet and the cryptocurrency trading functions will be merged into one website and introduced on …… about this Thursday, June 17, 2021. The launch of the Companys cryptocurrency exchange, Beyond Blockchain, is intended to enable customers to trade cryptocurrencies …… assets that the Company may distribute to its shareholders. The Companys cryptocurrency platform Beyond Blockchain is a revenue-based model, and the Company believes …… INC. STREAMLINES INTRODUCTION OF ITS NEW PLATFORM, MERGING DIGITAL WALLET AND CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING INTO ONE LAUNCH New York, NY, June 14, 2021 –


… a monumental opportunity.  The firm operates five exchanges globally for FX and cryptocurrency trading. The Group’s spot crypto currency exchange, LMAX Digital, is the leading player in the market, serving …… for cryptocurrencies. Due to AML concerns, major banks are not banking cryptocurrency exchanges or crypto funds yet. It’s still not a given that …… The final element is credit, Mercer says. Industry participants entering the cryptocurrency space are more used to the credit intermediation that exists in …… managers and funds will enter the space, he adds. Mercer concedes that cryptocurrency remains a nascent asset class. As an example, bitcoin’s market cap …… banking and credit €“ as main drivers to institutional ‘mainstreaming’ of cryptocurrency asset class trading Mkitchen LMAX Group CEO Mercer pinpoints ‘ABC’ €“ …… banking and credit €“ as main drivers to institutional ‘mainstreaming’ of cryptocurrency asset class trading Submitted 17/06/2021 – 5:17pm

MailOnline , MONEY

… per cent to 82 per cent – far outranks any other cryptocurrency . There is a dark underbelly lurking in the figures, which …… MONEY Version:1 More than 2m Britons now hold cryptocurrency assets – but FCA research suggests 320,000 of them have borrowed …… Thisismoney.Co.Uk • More than 2m Brits now own a form of cryptocurrency, according to the FCA…… More than 2m Britons now hold cryptocurrency assets – but FCA research suggests 320,000 of them have borrowed ……

Bitcoin Exchange Guide

June 20, 2021

WebNews – English

Bitcoin News The Nordic region is simply staying away from crypto due to a lack of regulation in the sector. Danske Bank says it won’t allow trading of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on its platform despite the growing interest from its clients.

DealStreetAsia June 20, 2021

WebNews – EnglishChina’s crackdown on cryptocurrency “mining” has extended to the southwest province of Sichuan , where authorities ordered cryptocurrency mining projects closed in the major mining centre. China is the world’s most prominent cryptocurrency mining location, accounting for 75% of the Bitcoin hash rate.

Foreign June 20, 2021

WebNews – English

Source: United Nations 2 A ‘pointless way of using energy’? The amount of energy needed to power the Bitcoin network is staggering: Tim Berners-Lee, credited as the inventor of the World Wide Web, has gone so far as to describe “Bitcoin mining” as “one of the most fundamentally pointless ways of using energy”

CE Noticias Financieras English ,

… warned that bitcoin’s declining share of the total capitalization of the crypto-currency market is another worrying trend. Cryptocurrency now represents just over 40% of the cryptocurrency market compared to 70% at the beginning of the year. Javier …… for June in search of good news. The adoption of the cryptocurrency as an official currency by El Salvador a few days ago …